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I know this is a Duplicate question. But, No answers helped me to solve my problem. I'm working on a project in Vaadin. In that I have few layouts (ref this links to understand my layout). When I press a button I need to slide the Components in and out. And, I achieved it successfully.

But, My problem is; to make it feel better, I want to slow down the sliding effect. So, It will look like an animation kind of stuff. I'm sliding the Components by changing the setExpandRatio() from 1 to 0.

setExpandRatio(component, 1.0f);


setExpandRatio(component, 0f);

So that it will slide.

And to slow down the sliding, I tried this.

float i = 1.0;
while(i >= 0)
  setExpandRatio(component, i);
  i = i - 0.1;
  try {
    catch(InterruptedException ex) {}

It Just waits for 1 second and slides down the component quickly. I also tried using


But, no use. Has anyone solved this problem before?

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Take a look at the Animator add-on, it provides nice ways to animate components by using browser's client-side capabilities.

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This is exactly what I needed. But, What about ROLL_DOWN_CLOSE_REMOVE & ROLL_RIGHT_CLOSE_REMOVE? Is it not possible to implement them? – Gugan Mar 15 '13 at 7:04

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