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I am stuck on how to get CellID and LAC in CDMA BlackBerry devices supporting OS 5 and greater. I have to get Latitude and Longitude without using GPS. So, i have implemented the solution for GPRS devices, but for CDMA devices i am unable to map CellID and LAC.

I did read many posts on this forum and others saying that CDMA Info provided BID = CellID and NID = LAC, but it never worked at all, and I also tried different combinations for LAC such as using SID as LAC, but it also didn't work.

How can I get Cell ID on OS 5.0+ BlackBerry devices?

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Have you tried this?

int MCC = RadioInfo.getMCC(RadioInfo.getCurrentNetworkIndex());
int MNC = RadioInfo.getMNC(RadioInfo.getCurrentNetworkIndex());
int LAC = GPRSInfo.getCellInfo().getLAC();
int CELLID = GPRSInfo.getCellInfo().getCellId();
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