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So, I have a camel context that has a DeadLetterChannel with no redeliveries at the context level. Within the context I have a route:


I have a unit test in which I interceptSendToEndpoint("direct:output") and cause an exception to be thrown.

Then in the unit test I do producerTemplate.sendBody(theBody).

Now, as configured above on exception the message gets sent to the dead letter channel. All's well. However, if I configure a loggingErrorHandler I get odd behavior. So if I update the above route as follows:




When I run the test now I get two unexpected behaviors. First, the exception is still logged at level ERROR instead of the configured WARN. Second, the exception is propagated back to the producerTemplate.sendBody(theBody) invokation.

On the one hand, the logging at ERROR is obviously odd. The other part that seems odd is that the handler is propagating the exception. I would have thought it would have marked it as handled and be done with it.

Is this expected behavior? Seems like documentation for the LoggingErrorHandler is lacking.

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LoggingErrorHandler do nothing more than logging the exception. if you want to skip the exception you have to define a policy as followed


or you have to use a doTry()..doCatch() just like try{...} catch{...} block in java.

for example:

        .process(new MYExceptionLoggerAndHandler())
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Thanks for the reply. Wish this was documented. – John B Mar 20 '13 at 12:17

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