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What is an easy way to adjust brightness contrast and gamma of an Image in .NET

Will post the answer myself to find it later.

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I've found a good and easy example here

c# and gdi+ have a simple way to control the colors that are drawn. It’s basically a ColorMatrix. It’s a 5×5 matrix that is applied to each color if it is set. Adjusting brightness is just performing a translate on the color data, and contrast is performing a scale on the color. Gamma is a whole different form of transform, but it’s included in ImageAttributes which accepts the ColorMatrix.

Bitmap originalImage;
Bitmap adjustedImage;
float brightness = 1.0f; // no change in brightness
float contrast = 2.0f; // twice the contrast
float gamma = 1.0f; // no change in gamma

float adjustedBrightness = brightness - 1.0f;
// create matrix that will brighten and contrast the image
float[][] ptsArray ={
        new float[] {contrast, 0, 0, 0, 0}, // scale red
        new float[] {0, contrast, 0, 0, 0}, // scale green
        new float[] {0, 0, contrast, 0, 0}, // scale blue
        new float[] {0, 0, 0, 1.0f, 0}, // don't scale alpha
        new float[] {adjustedBrightness, adjustedBrightness, adjustedBrightness, 0, 1}};

imageAttributes = new ImageAttributes();
imageAttributes.SetColorMatrix(new ColorMatrix(ptsArray), ColorMatrixFlag.Default, ColorAdjustType.Bitmap);
imageAttributes.SetGamma(gamma, ColorAdjustType.Bitmap);
Graphics g = Graphics.FromImage(adjustedImage);
g.DrawImage(originalImage, new Rectangle(0,0,adjustedImage.Width,adjustedImage.Height)
    GraphicsUnit.Pixel, imageAttributes);
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