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i have a string variable in javascript like this:

var tree='[{"id":1},{"id":2,"children":[{"id":3},{"id":4},{"id":5,"children"[{"id":6}]}]';
now i want to create a tree from this in which
# 1 and 2 will at same level
# 3 ,4 ,5 will be the sub nodes of 2.
# 6 will be the sub node of 5.

Please help to make a tree form this tree variable by javascript or jquery. variable.

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can you be more specific? a tree is a data structure - stackoverflow.com/questions/8640823/… . what exactly do you need? –  user1236048 Mar 14 '13 at 12:06
do you want to make tree from tree ! –  tracevipin Mar 14 '13 at 12:09

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There is not much to it, in my opinion. I found some typos, but otherwise, it is a JSON structure. There was a colon missing after the second "children" and some closing brackets were missing too. And i removed the quotes.

var tree = [{
      "id" : 1
    }, {
      "id" : 2,
      "children" : [{
          "id" : 3
        }, {
          "id" : 4
        }, {
          "id" : 5,
          "children" : [{ //missing colon
              "id" : 6
            } //missing bracket
          ] //missing bracket
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var tree='[{"id":1},{"id":2,"children":[{"id":3},{"id":4},{"id":5,"children"[{"id":6}]}]';
var objTree = JSON.parse(tree);


Just a heads up that you have a couple of typos - to find them, take your string and just plop it into the parser at http://jsonlint.com

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There's a few typo, see the comment for that. Anyway, you just have to convert using JSON.parse

var tree='[{"id":1},{"id":2,"children":[{"id":3},{"id":4},{"id":5,"children":[{"id":6}]}]}]'; 
//Missing ':' near 'children' and '}]' at the end

var array = JSON.parse(tree);
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