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I'm trying to look at someone else's code on developing android virtual keyboards.

I have a gesture[swipeLeft] hooked to one of the backspace gesture and I use the following to implement that:

playSound(backspacePlayer); // background sound
InputConnection connection = getCurrentInputConnection();
connection.commitText("\b", 1);

My main problem is that I can hear the sound of the backspace but it is not executed in the EditText. I mean that the characters do NOT get erased in the EditText.

Is the code I'm using okay? or is there a problem with commiting "\b" to text. Also this code works for all other characters except backspace!

Any help would be awesome ! Adit

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Have you tried tying in edittext's OnEditorAction? Or are you really just making a virtual keyboard and have to use InputConnections and all that jazz? – Shark Mar 14 '13 at 12:54
Yes shark, I have to use the InputConnections etc. coz I'm making a completely different virtual keyboard! This "\b" thing is eating my brains since a few days! – Adit Gupta Mar 14 '13 at 12:59

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I have found my answer without getting into the hassel of "Inputconnections"


This simulates the pressing of the delete key!

Gave me the required backspace I needed for my EditText! Yay!

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