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I make a test project with one view inside of content view of main window. Window have two buttons: appear & disappear. I want animate view appearance when appear button pressed, and animate dissapearance when dissapear button pressed. And I want do this with layer actions. In other words, I want to make animation every time view added or removed from superview. So, in code I just want to write [parent addSubview:view] or [view removeFromSuperview] and animation should work in that moments. So, Layer Actions seems fits my needs.

Here is app screenshot and source code (XCode 4.6):

enter image description here

Here is what I did to do that:

I create a view that will appear/dissapear and add layer action:

_coloredView = [[ColoredView alloc] initWithFrame:NSMakeRect(0, 0, 200, 200)];
_coloredView.bgColor = [NSColor yellowColor];
_coloredView.wantsLayer = YES;

// making appear transition from left

CATransition *appearTransition = [CATransition animation];
[appearTransition setDuration:2];
[appearTransition setType:kCATransitionPush];
[appearTransition setSubtype:kCATransitionFromLeft];
[_coloredView.layer addAnimation:appearTransition forKey:kCAOnOrderIn];

Then when appear button clicked, I call

[contentView addSubview:self.coloredView];

When disappear clicked, I call:

[self.coloredView removeFromSuperview];

And seems some part of things works. The yellow rectangle appears as it should first time. But, here is list of very strange things:

  1. I should call addAnimation:forKey: every time when button clicked (after view was disappeared), since after first appearing animation will no longer work.

  2. Disappear won't work at all (If I try add code after view initialization or before disappear button pressed)

  3. When I try to add subview through animator, my transition not work - just default fade-in animation shown.

  4. Seems that during movement from left to right some sort of fading works. It's visible when you set duration to bigger value.

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Try @"subviews" instead of kCAOnOrderIn

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