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I have some strings to check against a Regex pattern. Here is the regex:

apple(?!( ?not)).*?inc(\.|luded)?

string 1: "banana, rotten apple not included" - does not give me a match which is what I want.

string 2: "banana, rotten apple included" - produces a match which is what I want

But if I have a string like...

"banana, rotten apple, ripe avocado not included" or "banana, rotten apple and apricot not included" both produces a match which I don't want.

So basically, I want to see if both "apple" and "included" (or "inc" or "inc.") are in the string and NO "not" before "included" and ignore everything else in between.


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How about:

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Excellent! Thanks Tim! –  Jaime Oct 8 '09 at 23:47

You're using a negative lookahead assertion that verifies that "not" does not appear right after "apple". But, if I understand you correctly, what you want is to check that "inc" is not immediately preceded by "not". You can use a negative lookbehind assertion, like the following:

apple.*(?<!(\bnot ))inc(\.|luded)?
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Thanks Phil... Tim beat you too it by a minute. :) –  Jaime Oct 8 '09 at 23:43
Other way around, actually. Phil beat me by 40 seconds, and he typed a lot more, too. –  Tim Sylvester Oct 8 '09 at 23:48

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