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I am using the following code to get the id of a row that is randomly generated:

string[] rowIds = new string[numofRowsPassengerTable];
for (int counter=1; counter < numofRowsPassengerTable; counter++)
    rowIds[counter] = browser.GetAttribute("xpath=//table[@id='tblPassengers']/tbody/tr[counter]@id");

But the above is not returning anything. If I use 1 or 2 instead of counter it returns the id. Any idea how can I use that counter to get row ids?

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Looks like you wanted to actually use "counter" as a variable in the xpath string:

browser.GetAttribute("xpath=//table[@id='tblPassengers']/tbody/tr[" + counter + "]@id");

As it stands now, you tell the XPath engine to use some "counter" HTML element as index to the TRs, which obviously won't work.

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