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I'm monitoring a JavaFX program in VisualVM and in the Threads view, there's a constant barrage of AWT-EventQueue-0 and AWT-Shutdown threads that are created and destroyed. Is this normal behaviour? What is the cause of this?

List of threads

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Difficult to know the exact cause without seeing all of your code, however I've seen this happen if you schedule Swing timers without a Swing/AWT GUI.

The EDT and Shutdown threads get destroyed and re-created every time the timer fires if there is not a Swing/AWT GUI present.

You have tagged this question with JavaFX if you have an JavaFX GUI you should not use the Swing Timer class or other Swing threading utilities such as invokeLater(), invokeAndWait() or SwingWorker.

Take a look inside the package javafx.concurrent which has support for scheduling and background tasks for the JavaFX event dispatch thread.

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