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I have a git branch with let us say 2 directories, with some code files in it:

  • htmlcode
  • jscode

and I've made a tarball of this 2 directories in the same branch with Git. But to create a tarball with Git you need to do "git add htmlcode jscode"

The problem I now have is that it pushes all the files in my branch (i.e. htmlcode, jscode and the tarball) to Github. I know why this happens, but don't know how to make a work arround to push only the tarball to Github.

Can anybody help me?

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Why would you want revision control on an archive? –  Wooble Mar 14 '13 at 14:34
It seems like you are using github as a backup storage. Normally you would want to put the code under git, and store the tarball somewhere for download, not the other way around. –  Shahbaz Mar 14 '13 at 14:43
Github already makes the tarball for download for you, on demand. –  Wooble Mar 14 '13 at 14:55
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No part of this makes sense. Why are you using Git to generate the tarball, if you don't want to include the original files in Git?

Just use the tar/gzip commands themselves:

tar czf my-code.tar.gz htmlcode jscode

And then (if you really do want to do this) add the resulting file to Git:

git add my-code.tar.gz
git commit -m "Version-controlling a tarball for some unknown reason"
git push

That said, there's no reason to just be version-controlling the tarball. You really, really want to include the original source files in Git, and exclude the tarball. By only including the tarball, you're actually just hindering Git's built-in compression and rendering your repo more or less useless.

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