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For some reason I cannot get the "series" element when viewing the console.log.

  function generateData() {
        var read = [],
            write = [];

   $.getJSON("data.php<? echo $fullurl ?>", function(json) {

        json.forEach(function(values) {
         read.push([ new Date(values.timestamp), parseFloat( ]);
         write.push([ new Date(values.timestamp), parseFloat(values.write) ]);

    return [
        data: read,
        label: "<? echo $label1 ?>"
        data: write,
        label: "<? echo $label2 ?>"

I'm trying to replicate the code from And replacing the sin/cos random code with structured data from a database. In the example having a "series" tag in the arrays to number them is essential for everything to work. The "series" tag is with the length category in the console for the array from the example but not in my code and after many frustrating hours I've now decided to ask here. Any help is much appreciated.

Example JSON data I'm working with

 {"timestamp":"2013-02-25 17:29:47","read":"24.37","write":"0.01"},
 {"timestamp":"2013-02-25 17:34:47","read":"64.05","write":"0.02"},
 {"timestamp":"2013-02-25 17:39:47","read":"37.44","write":"0.01"},
 {"timestamp":"2013-02-25 19:09:47","read":"48.37","write":"0.01"},
 {"timestamp":"2013-02-25 19:14:47","read":"24.91","write":"0.01"},
 {"timestamp":"2013-02-25 19:19:47","read":"45.81","write":"0.03"},
 {"timestamp":"2013-02-25 20:49:47","read":"25.44","write":"0.02"}
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Don't show us PHP code, show us what the browser sees after the PHP has been run (get the code from View Source in your browser) – Gareth Mar 14 '13 at 14:49
Also an example of the JSON is pretty important to this exercise – Gareth Mar 14 '13 at 14:49
$.getJSON("data.php/svcmon/display.php?disk=DB_IBASTEST_01&data=rops&type=vdisk&‌​svc=LI_L77_SVC&order=vdisk&sort=asc&to=NOW&tick=1", function(json) { – Gudmo Mar 14 '13 at 15:11
[{"timestamp":"2013-02-25 17:29:47","read":"24.37","write":"0.01"},{"timestamp":"2013-02-25 17:34:47","read":"64.05","write":"0.02"},{"timestamp":"2013-02-25 17:39:47","read":"37.44","write":"0.01"}] – Gudmo Mar 14 '13 at 15:12
data: read, label: "Read IO/s" }, { data: write, label: "Write IO/s" – Gudmo Mar 14 '13 at 15:13

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