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I'm Trying to change a name of a group with c# and .NET. It's working well with the following code:

    public void selectADSObject(string LDAP)
        DirectoryEntry Entry = new DirectoryEntry(ADS_PATH);
        Entry.Username = ADS_USER;
        Entry.Password = ADS_PW;
        DirectorySearcher Searcher = new DirectorySearcher(Entry);
        Searcher.SearchScope = System.DirectoryServices.SearchScope.Subtree;
        Searcher.Filter = LDAP;
        AdObj = Searcher.FindOne();

There is just the "windows-pre 2000" name that doesn't rename and I need it to rename too. On this page I figured out that the sAMAccountName is what I'm after. But when I add the following lines, it also doesn't change the pre-windows 2000 name:

AdObj.GetDirectoryEntry().Properties["sAMAccountName"].Value = "newName";

How can I change the sAMAccountName / pre-windows 2000 name?

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Try putting the samaccountname change before the rename(). Issue two commitchanges() one after the samaccountname assignment and one after the rename(). There are some constraints for samaccountname in AD. –  decompiled Mar 14 '13 at 15:13
@decompiled: still just change the cn and not the sAMAccountName / pre-windows 2000 name :( –  Jan Hommes Mar 14 '13 at 15:29

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Every time you invoke:


It actually creates a new object! Every change is lost on the next line. Please use something like:

var dent = AdObj.GetDirectoryEntry()
dent.Properties["sAMAccountName"].Value = "newName";
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Thanks for this. Worked fine for me. –  rousseauo Jun 12 '13 at 20:31

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