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I am using eclipse for quite a while, but for last year or so I am trying to get used to Intellij Idea because that is what they use at my current workplace.

One feature I can not find a substitute in Idea is ability of eclipse to add throws declarations. In Eclipse I could right click on a underlined string and select "Add throws declaration" which then adds it to my method signature, but I can't find it for life of me in Idea. Is there such a functionality in Idea?

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When a piece of code needs error handling, IntelliJ underlines it with red. Set your pointer on that piece of code and press ALT+ENTER. IntelliJ should now give you the choice to either surround it with try/catch, add a catch clause, or to add a throws declaration.

In your case: click the underlined code > ALT-ENTER > Add Exception to Method Signature

Hope this helped!

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Perfect. Thanks. –  user2170326 Mar 14 '13 at 15:07
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