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I have an IIS hosted xamlx workflow with c# expressions that I'm trying to run in side-by-side versioning.

I did exactly like this article: Side by side versioning of workflow services

New instances of the workflow works as expected, but when I call an instance of a prior version of the workflow, it raises an error telling me that it's not compiled.


Unable to locate the ICompiledExpressionRoot for compiled location 'auxData'. Make sure that the definition for the activity containing this expression has been compiled.

BTW, I have a custom factory that compiles the workflow.

    <add service="Service1.xamlx" relativeAddress="~/Service1.xamlx" factory="MyServiceHostFactory" />
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After analyzing the source code from .Net, I realized that the method CreateWorkflowServiceHost that I override in my custom workflow factory, adds all supported versions in it's return object.

All I had to do is iterate this collection and compile them all.

Final source code:

    protected override WorkflowServiceHost CreateWorkflowServiceHost(WorkflowService service, Uri[] baseAddresses)
        var host = base.CreateWorkflowServiceHost(service, baseAddresses);

        // add your customizations here…
        foreach (var supportedVersion in host.SupportedVersions)

        return host;
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