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So yea the title says it all, I need to somehow get the DBs form the source server to the new server, but the kicker is the old server is falling apart :P and is there a way I can just move it all to the new server and import it?

the old server just refuses to run Postgres anymore and i am almost certain that the version that was running on the old server is 8.4, and the new server is running 9.2, will that cause an issue?

this is what I get when i try to start Postgres on the old server,

/etc/init.d/postgresql-8.4 start
* Use of the opts variable is deprecated and will be
* removed in the future.
* Please use extra_commands, extra_started_commands or extra_stopped_commands.
* Starting PostgreSQL ...
could not start server   [ !! ]
* ERROR: postgresql-8.4 failed to start

also I am running gentoo :)

thanks in advance for your help!

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so i installed 8.4 migrated the data folder over the the new server, and now the 8.4 postgresql will not start not sure what is going on. and in order to use pg_upgrade the server has to be run-able. the error i am getting is DATA_DIR not set, and i checked the /etc/conf.d/postgresql-8.4 file and the pgdata vairable is set # PostgreSQL's Database Directory PGDATA="/var/lib/postgresql/8.4/data" –  Msquared86 Mar 14 '13 at 17:33

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You can copy the data files directly, but you must use the same major version of PG on the destination server (e.g. 8.4.x - the "8.4" is the major). Easiest way to check the version is via psql -V.

The upgrade procedure in this situation isn't too hard if you want to move up to a 9.x release. You'll need to install 8.4 on the new server (either via a package or by hand), then you'll want to use the pg_upgrade tool to do the upgrade. pg_upgrade comes with recent releases of PG, so expect to have two installations on the server during that time.

You can find the docs here.

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Attention ! On Gentoo, pg_upgrade will fail if your config files (postgresql.conf + pg_hba.conf) are NOT located in /var/lib/postgresql//data/. New installs are storing config files in /etc/postgresql- right now.

Before migrating, make sure you copied files from /etc/postgresql-/ to this directory of pg_upgrade will fail.

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