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Recently I tried to use erlang's common_test framework and faced with such problem.

My aim is to load some data from file in init_per_suite and push it across all test cases. But when I save this data directly in Config, it spams error messages in test results. I found in documentation such thing:


Use this to specify arbitrary data related to the testcase. This data can be retrieved at any time using the ct:userdata/3 utility function.

reboot_node() ->
         [{description,"System Upgrade: RpuAddition Normal RebootNode"},

Seems that this is exactly what I need, but when I inspect ct:userdata/2 and ct:userdata/3 it looks wired for me, it expects test directory path and suite name. How should I call it to get my data back?

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you can simply append your data to Config

init_per_suite(Config) ->
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Look at first part, if I put some data in Config (i.e. text dictionaries) I will see all this in error report if test case was failed. – danechkin Dec 1 '13 at 0:11

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