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I know I can bind params in Kohana like this

$this->db->query('SELECT * FROM products WHERE id = ?', array(14));

But is there a way to do it with identifiers (or whatever they are called?)

As in

$this->db->query('SELECT * FROM products WHERE id = :id', array(':id' => 14));


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Version 2.x has no support for it, but 3.x supports it. See this forum post.

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the provided url does not work –  Timo Huovinen Jan 20 at 9:01

that functionality is available in the new 2.4/3.0 versions of Kohana, the current 2.3 release does not support it.

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I'm pretty positive Kohana does not do this. When looking at the Database class, all bound parameters are handled in a method called compile_binds... Looks like it only supports the ? syntax.

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Thanks for your answer. I wish they would support it. –  alex Oct 9 '09 at 2:44
yeah... it definitely makes things easier to read. –  Chris Gutierrez Oct 9 '09 at 2:54

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