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I've been trying to drag and drop a subtree in qtreeview. The tree correctly re-orders when I execute the drop and the underlying model is updated, however, item selection is then screwed up afterwords. I haven't been able to come up with a reliable way to force QT to redraw the selection appropriately. See screenshots below:


Before Drag and Drop

After dragging the top node to node 2:

enter image description here

Relevant view code:

void View::dropEvent(QDropEvent *evt)

    QModelIndex start = indexAt(_drag_start);
    QModelIndex end = indexAt(evt->pos());

    _model->moveTo(start, end);

Relevant Model code:

void Model::moveTo(QModelIndex& start, QModelIndex& end)
    // ... omitted some error checking code to ensure start and end have the same parent

    ModelData* a = (ModelData*) start.internalPointer();
    ModelData* b = (ModelData*) end.internalPointer();

    ModelData* list = (ModelData*) (parent(start).internalPointer());

    int idxa = list->indexOf(a);
    int idxb = list->indexOf(b);

    // underneath this is QList<...>::moveTo
    list->moveTo( idxa, idxb );

    QModelIndex p = this->parent(start);

    emit dataChanged( index(0, 0, p), index(rowCount(p)-1, 1, p) );

Any suggestions? Thanks!

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Turns out this is fixed by adding the following code in the Model::moveTo() method:

emit layoutAboutToBeChanged();
list->moveTo( ... );
emit layoutChanged();
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