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When we call clearInterval with the value returned by SetInterval does it make that value null or undefined.

I am calling clearInterval to clear setInterval but apparently value of setInterval remains same and does not change even after calling clearInterval . Is t suppposed to be null or undefined ? Here is my code snippet

var setIntervalId; // declared in global scope
//lined of code

function autorefresh() {
  if (statesCount > 0) {
    setIntervalId = setInterval(function() {
        //lines of code
        // calling some handler
    }, 30000);

  if (statesCount === 0) {

As you can see I am calling my setInterval function every 30 seconds , when called for the first time assigns some value to setIntervalId , but even after calling clearInterval the value persists. Should it become null or undefined after calling clearInterval?If it should be null or undefined what should I do here.I have defined setIntervalId in global scope.

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Your code is invalid and won't run. –  the system Mar 14 '13 at 15:41

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The function clearInterval will not clear the value that is passed into it. If you want to clear it you must do that yourself

setIntervalId = undefined;

Note that it doesn't appear like you are properly guarding the initial call to setInterval. This could result in the call being made multiple times and hence you having multiple interval setups. I think you should augment your initial if block to the following

if (statesCount > 0 && typeof(setIntervalId) === 'undefined') { 
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Thanks for clearing my confusion . I was thinking clearInterval would reset the value of setIntervalId to undefined . An extra check and resetting manually perhaps made it work :) ..Thanks again –  Ankur Garg Mar 16 '13 at 8:56

Should it become null or undefined after calling clearInterval?


It is just a number. When the interval has been cleared, that number is just a historical curiosity.

You can explicitly assign undefined to it after you use it to clearInterval if you like. There is no need to do this unless you are using it to track if your function is currently being periodically run or not.

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