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I'm new to Python and have a question about indexes and data frames. I have a 3 source files that can be uniquely identified with three keys (district_code, district_name, district_type). I'm validating data between the source files and what is in the database. The code below only finds matching dist_name and dist_code betweeen source file and database and then matches one with the other depending on which value is available. I need to add another condition to the function adding an additional index/key (district_type) that will make the dist unique matching and comparing all three keys.

* Edit** To simplify this I changed the logic in my approach. By concatenating the two keys district_code and district_type I have a unique identifier (dist_key). I changed the function below to reflect this change but I'm receiving a "keyError: u'no item named dist_key". This is function is producing an error because I believe the new unique identifier is only defined in this function. Being a newbee to this language and scripting, I'm unsure of how to call the needed variable (dist_key) outside the function.

if dfyearfound:
    **df2['dist_key']=df2['dist_key'].str.strip()**  """This line is causing the error"""

def addNamesCodes(testframe,districtnamedata,districtcodedata):
        """ Function that will correct any missing data such as district names or district codes.  Parameter is a pandas dataframe, dictionaries which map the district names and district codes """

        #contain list of correct district codes and district names
        #Non matches
        #fill empty values in names and codes

        testframe['district_name']=testframe['district_name'].apply(lambda x: str(x))
        #Create two new columns containing the district names and district codes in same format as enrollment and teacher data  
        for i in range(len(testframe.index)):
            #both district code and district name are present
            if districtnamedata.has_key(testframe['dist_key'][testframe.index[i]]) and districtcodedata.has_key(testframe['district_name'][testframe.index[i]]):
                #district code and district name are a match
                if ((districtnamedata[testframe['dist_key'][testframe.index[i]]]==testframe['district_name'][testframe.index[i]]) and (districtcodedata[testframe['district_name'][testframe.index[i]]]==testframe['dist_key'][testframe.index[i]])):
                #potential wrong mappings
                #check if district code is present
                if districtnamedata.has_key(testframe['dist_key'][testframe.index[i]]):
                #check if only district name is present 
                elif districtcodedata.has_key(testframe['district_name'][testframe.index[i]]):
                #complete nonmatches
        #extend the list by the complete nonmatches

        return districtnames,districtkeys

Sample Source: Enroll---

district_code   district_name   district_type_code  enroll_totals
1                 AITKIN               1                    122
1                 AITKIN               1                    123
1                 SAVAGE               3                    140
1                 SAVAGE               3                    780
15              ST. FRANCIS            1                    782
16              SPRING LAKE            1                    784


district_code   district_name   district_type_code          budget
1                 AITKIN               1                    122000
1                 AITKIN               1                    120003
1                 SAVAGE               3                    140000
1                 SAVAGE               3                    780000
15              ST. FRANCIS            1                    782000
16              SPRING LAKE            1                    784000


district_code   district_name   district_type_code         Salary
1                 AITKIN               1                    50000
1                 AITKIN               1                    42000
1                 SAVAGE               3                    89000
1                 SAVAGE               3                    32000
15              ST. FRANCIS            1                    78000
16              SPRING LAKE            1                    58000
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this code is impossible to run without your data. any chance you could add it? –  Paul H Mar 14 '13 at 15:54
unfortunately I cannot given the privacy of the data –  Tone Mar 14 '13 at 15:58
well then please make something up. really can't help you otherwise sscce.org –  Paul H Mar 14 '13 at 16:00
the for loop is the part I'm having trouble with. Where if there is a distname look for dist_code and vice versa. I was unsure how to add a third condition to handle dist_type –  Tone Mar 14 '13 at 16:01
along the lines with what @DanAllan is saying, here's an example of how to do that (see the question, not necessarily the answers): stackoverflow.com/questions/13940753/… –  Paul H Mar 14 '13 at 22:02

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