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I dont know where is the right place to write this question but asking here..

Currently im having my Content section as below:


Content->Our Products -> Our product1, Our Product 2

Content -> Out top Products->Our top product1, Our top product2

so all starts from Content root

i want this to be changed to following structure:

Content->Pharmacy->Our Products......

Content->Pharmacy-> Our Top PRodoucts

i want all URL having structure as below:


but i dont know how to do that?

Any suggestions?

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In order to achieve the url structure that you want, your node structure will need to be like this:

  • Content
    • Home
      • Pharmacy
        • Our Products
          • Our Product 1
          • Our Product 2
        • Our Top Products
          • Our Top Product 1
          • Our Top Product 2

Everything should live under Home, which is considered the root of the site.

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