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I am playing with flexjson and Google Cloud Endpoints. My model which I need to serialize is:

public class SampleModel {
 Long id;
 DateTime createdAt;
 String message;
 OtherModel other;

I just created DateTimeObjectFactory to find a way of creating DateTime objects (lacks of no arg constructor). Now I have question about OtherModel and SampleModel as well.

I want to serialize in fact a List of SampleModel. So here is my code:

List<SampleModel> sampleList = new ArrayList<SampleModel>();
// ...
// adding some items to sampleList
// ...
String s = new JSONSerializer().deepSerialize(sampleList);

I want to deepSerialize it for now to avoid some unserializated fields, but just for now.

When I want to deserialize s I do that:

sampleList = new JSONDeserializer<List<SampleModel>>()
    .use("other", OtherModel.class)
    .use(DateTime.class, new DateTimeObjectFactory())

I think that everything is just ok in that kind of deserializing, because I can see in logs deserialized object. But in fact when I want to get item from that new sampleList I get an error:

java.lang.ClassCastException: java.util.HashMap cannot be cast to

If I have good understanding every not trivial object will be deserialized as Map if I don't point the right class to deserializer. So this error means that script didn't know SampleModel? What is the meaning of this?

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What happens if you try it with .use("values", SampleModel.class) – chrismarx Sep 4 '14 at 16:04

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