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I've got a List of Numbers (range 500 - 5000, steps of 500). I would like to add a decimal dot 1000 -> 1.000; 2500 -> 2.500 etc. but just for the labels not to be saved as a value. I tried the following but it didnt work:

<h:selectOneMenu value="#{bean.selectedValue}">
    <f:convertNumber type="currency" locale="de-DE" pattern="#,###" />
    <f:selectItems itemValue="#{bean.selectItemslist}" var="item" itemLabel="#{item.label}" itemValue="#{item.value} />

But this didnt do anything :(

Tried several patterns and included integerOnly="true" but nothing seems to work :( Thanks for your help!

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The converter applies on the item value only, not on the item label. That explains why it "fails". In this particular case, your best bet is to create a custom EL function, so that you end up something like this:

<f:selectItems ... itemLabel="#{my:formatNumber(item.label, '#,###')}" />

The JSF utility library OmniFaces has several, see also OmniFaces functions/Numbers showcase.

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