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This question is mainly FOA of the Highcharts support team who said they would keep an eye on StackOverflow, but if you feel like answering, feel free.

I am having performance issues with Firefox. Here is my configuration:

Firefox: 19.0.2  
OS: ubuntu 12.04 (x64)

The issue is that when dragging the mouse over a line, the animation (display of tooltip, marker, crosshair...) lags. This happens on the Highstock (1.2.5) demo with 52K points, but more worryingly it also happens on a simple Highcharts (2.3.5) chart with less than 200 points. I don't have any problems with Chrome (25.0.1364.160).

Could you provide some feedback on this performance problem (are you experiencing the same? is this affecting only Firefox? is this affecting only certain versions?, do you know/if a solution will be available?...) ?

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Have you seen this article?

You can also try to disable shadow / animations and compare if this modifications have influence on performance.

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Thanks but my problem seems specific to Firefox: as I said I'm having performance issues on a 200-point chart whereas Chrome can run the 52000-point demo just fine. – Mar 16 '13 at 7:32
Has this been addressed at all? This is a major blocker for us. Try this fiddle in different browsers. Firefox cannot scroll roughly 1k points smoothly. – Alex McMillan Feb 27 '14 at 0:51
Which version of FF? Cause i run it in the newest version 27, and have no any problems with performance. Have you tries to increase turbothreshold – Sebastian Bochan Feb 27 '14 at 9:15

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