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im including the script:

<script src="http://www.cv-library.co.uk/js/zclip.js"></script>

and then calling it with:


with HTML:

    <div id="copypath">im some text</div>
    <a href="" class="adminBTBlue" id="adminBTBlue">Copy</a>

but i get : Uncaught TypeError: Object [object Object] has no method 'zclip'

Ive checked the path to the script and it works... confused?

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See this : Sample

$("a#adminBTBlu").on('click', function (e) {
   path: 'http://www.steamdev.com/zclip/js/ZeroClipboard.swf',
   copy: function () {
       return $('#copypath').text();

May be something wrong with the file you are trying..

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i now get - Uncaught TypeError: Object [object Object] has no method 'on' - .. Im using jquery from google: <script src="//ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/1.9.1/jquery.min.js"></script> –  rpsep2 Mar 14 '13 at 16:53
are you including library reference multiple times..? –  A.V Mar 14 '13 at 17:10

Do you have jQuery included? Do you get other errors?

I made a jsFiddle to test, but nothing got copied to my clipboard, but I don't get any errors either.


Your code:

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of course it won't work then, since the zclib library is missing.. –  Zim84 Mar 14 '13 at 16:23

Try to use jQuery 1.8.3 - zClip seems not to be compatible with the jQuery 2.0 API yet, which was introduced with jQuery 1.9.

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