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I'm trying to find a way to easily split a path (Raw URL) in two portions: For example: /search/criteria/newyork/list

I would like to populate a string that would contain everything before third slash, in this case: "/search/criteria" I also want to get the second portion into a string: "newyork/list"

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You can use IndexOf to find the third slash (assuming that the first character is always the first slash, and that there are at least three slashes in the string):

Dim index3 = url.IndexOf("/"c, url.IndexOf("/"c, 1) + 1)

Then you can use Substring to get the parts before and after that slash:

Dim path As String = url.Substring(0, index3)
Dim resource As String = url.Substring(index3 + 1)
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Guffa. Thanks. Question for you: Is there an easy way to adapt your code so it won't tank when the URL doesn't have anything after the third slash, for example: "/search/criteria" only –  Mark Marina Mar 14 '13 at 17:41
@MarkMarina: If it has the third slash, then it works even if the part after it is empty, giving an empty string in resource. If it doesn't have the third slash, then index3 will be -1, so you can check for that. –  Guffa Mar 14 '13 at 17:56

Try this:

Dim sAux() As String = sURL.Split("/"c)
Dim sResult As String = ""

If sAux.Length > 3 Then
    For i As Integer = 2 to sAux.Length - 1
        sResult &= sAux(i) & "/"
End If

Or this:

Dim sAux As New List(Of String)(sURL.Split("/"c))

sResult = String.Join("/", sAux.ToArray())
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        Dim ar As String()
        Dim str1 As String
        Dim str2 As String
        Dim a As Integer
        Dim splitPosition = 3
        Dim urlToSplit = "/search/criteria/newyork/list"
        ar = urlToSplit.Split("/"c)

        If UBound(ar) < splitPosition Then
            ' there are 3 or less slashes. do what you want here, error or just exit
            For a = 0 To splitPosition - 1
                If Not String.IsNullOrEmpty(ar(a)) Then str1 += ar(a) + "/"
            For a = splitPosition To UBound(ar)
                If Not String.IsNullOrEmpty(ar(a)) Then str2 += ar(a) + "/"
        End If

str1 will contain /search/criteria/ str2 will contain newyork/list/

This code will handle any number of / combinations and should not error out for a badly formed Url

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If your string is always in the same format and has same number of elements (in splited array), you could use String.Format method as;

Dim arr() As String =  "/search/criteria/newyork/list".Split("/"c)
Dim str1 As String = String.Format("/{1}/{2}", arr) '/search/criteria
Dim str2 As String = String.Format("{3}/{4}", arr) 'newyork/list
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