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I have this snippet:

class WelcomeSnippet{

  def list (xhtml : NodeSeq) : NodeSeq = {
    object sessionUserType extends  SessionVar[String](null)
    Helpers.bind("entry", xhtml, "edit" -> SHtml.link("/provider",() => sessionUserType("provider"), Text("Edit")))

I think its ok, but I keep getting this:

Not found: value Text

I assume i should be importing something I'm not, but I can't find what it is for the life of me.

Here are my imports:

import _root_.scala.xml.NodeSeq
import _root_.net.liftweb.util._
import _root_.com.connector.model._
import Helpers._
import _root_.net.liftweb._
import _root_.net.liftweb.http._


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import _root_.scala.xml.Text
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Great, thanks for your help. –  Dave Oct 9 '09 at 18:26

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