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Is it possible to retrieve the line number from a Python script that is being executed within a hosted IronPython environment? I would like to somehow highlight that line in an AvalonEdit control outside of the hosted environment (in the hosting application that is) while the script is being executed.

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I've figured out, it is possible to get the line by simply giving the script engine a trace callback method and (maybe asynchronously) fire an appropriate event that accordingly refreshes a IBackgroundRenderer... well... it works.

strategyScriptEngine.Execute(script, strategyScope);

At some other place in the same class:

private static TracebackDelegate IronPythonTraceBack(TraceBackFrame frame, string result, object payload)
    if (IronPythonExecutingLine != null) IronPythonExecutingLine((int)frame.f_lineno);
    return IronPythonTraceBack;
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