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Could anyone please explain why the soft keyboard appears and disappears when it does?

I have a layout with a bunch of different controls, mostly EditTexts and Buttons. When I first display that page an EditText at the top of the layout has the focus and the soft keyboard is covering the bottom 45% of the screen

I assumed that the keyboard was there because the EditText had the focus, so I decided to give a button at the bottom of my page the focus instead via . . .

  bResult = butDone.requestFocus();

... right after the setContentView(). This worked as far as giving the button focus. The botton got the focus and the EditText no longer had focus BUT the keyboard was still there. Eventually I got rid of the keyboard via


but clearly my theory about the EditText having focus was wrong. So could someone please explain the "rules" about what makes the keyboard appear when it does, or a link to those rules? Thanks in advance!

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By default the first EditText will get the focus, if you didn't define anything about the focus in the layout's XML.

Check this answer for more information. You should use this solution if you don't want the keyboard to show up instead of dismissing the keyboard.

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So are you saying that even though I give the focus to the button in the code, it ignores that because the focus isn't specified in the XML? – user316117 Mar 15 '13 at 13:42
No, I'm just saying that it is a better solution to specify that on the XML rather than letting Android focus on the first EditText by default and then change it programmatically. – Edgar Mar 15 '13 at 15:35

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