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I would like syntax highlighting for some Javascript code that I am working with, so I installed "Web Developer Tools" and "Javascript Developer Tools" through Eclipse. I checked the preferences to make sure the syntax highlighting was enabled but it doesn't seem to be working.

I did some searching and it seems that for projects that are not created as Javascript projects, the syntax highlighting doesn't work.

Actually, I am not sure how to implement the solution on that webpage, I'm not really sure what "vim" is. (I don't think it's the text editor)

Is there an alternate way to get this syntax highlighting working?

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Is the syntax highlighting dependent upon your file extension? Could you save the file as a .js and see if that enables it? Notepad++ enables syntax highlight for JavaScript when I am working with .js files. –  Anthony Forloney Mar 14 '13 at 16:55
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Check your "File Associations" setting to ensure that *.js files are associated with the JavaScript Editor by default.

  • Window > Preferences
  • General > Editors > File Associations
  • Under "File types" select "*.js"
  • If not present, under "Associated editors" click on "Add..." and choose Internal > JavaScript Editor
  • Under "Associated editors" click on "JavaScript Editor" and select the "Default" button

If you are developing in the JavaScript perspective, this should already be set. It's possible that you are developing in a different perspective that does not have this association preset.

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It should be noted, if it was already opened in normal eclipse editor, you need to close and reopen file for that to take effect. (The JS editor as default should be set automatically.) –  NoBugs Jan 5 at 2:04
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Both the Web Tools Platform (WTP) and Aptana offer a quite good Javascript editor with syntax checking.

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Aptana's editor comes with some syntax coloring, but it is not very good and does not allow you to change it. Web Tools Platform syntax coloring is way more robust. –  Deborah Speece Nov 14 '13 at 5:35
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