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I'm trying to create my own exceptions, but encountered a problem...

class MyException extends Exception {
    MyException (String w) { super ( w ); }

public class RozkladLiczby{

    private int[] Array;

    RozkladLiczby(int n) throws MyException { 

            Array = new int[n+2];
        catch(OutOfMemoryException ex){
            throw new MyException ("Not enough memory" );

Compiler says it can't find symbol in catch.

RozkladLiczby.java:16: error: cannot find symbol
    catch(OutOfMemoryException ex){

 symbol:   class OutOfMemoryException
  location: class RozkladLiczby
1 error
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Please post the full error –  thegrinner Mar 14 '13 at 17:09

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That's because there is no OutOfMemoryException in Java; there is OutOfMemoryError. And if there's no memory left, then what can you do? There's no memory to create your new exception. That's why it's an Error and not an Exception.

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There is no OutOfMemoryException but there is OutOfMemoryError

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OutOfMemoryException :- if OutOfMemoryException were to be an Exception extending MyException your custom Exception would have been thrown , since your custom exception is extending Exception class there's no chance that your custom exception would be caught in your try { } catch() { } block

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