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I was wondering whether there was a simple way to do this as part of a java program.

I would like to be able to ssh into another machine and perform commands on that machine.

A simple example would be: runtime.exec("say hello world"); would (on a mac) have a text-to-speech engine speak hello world.

Is there a way to have java run this method on another machine?

Also, assuming the above is possible, is there a way to ssh into more than one machine at the same time?


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I think google is working today. –  Boris the Spider Mar 14 '13 at 17:18

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There are a lot of libraries to do this. I suggest you this one, called Ganymed SSH-2, that is also mentioned in the official OpenSSH website. In the same site, you can also find other libraries that you can use for Java.

EDIT: This is an example of ls -r command executed via SSH, using Ganymed SSH-2:

import ch.ethz.ssh2.Connection;
import ch.ethz.ssh2.Session;
import ch.ethz.ssh2.StreamGobbler;


public static ArrayList<String> lsViaSSH(String hostname, String username, String password, String dir) {
    ArrayList<String> ls = new ArrayList<String>();

        Connection conn = new Connection(hostname);


        boolean isAuthenticated = conn.authenticateWithPassword(username, password);

        if (isAuthenticated == false) {
            return null;

        Session sess = conn.openSession();

        sess.execCommand("ls -r " + dir);

        InputStream stdout = new StreamGobbler(sess.getStdout());

        BufferedReader br = new BufferedReader(new InputStreamReader(stdout));

        while (true)
            String line = br.readLine();
            if (line == null)

    catch (IOException e)
        return null;

        return null;

    return ls;

This is not the only function needed in order to execute a command via SSH, but I hope it could be a good starting point for you.

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Have a look at JSch

As far as executing at the exact same time? Not really unless you intend to spawn multiple threads to deal with your list of remote machines.

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I'd suggest you to take a look to the Apache MINA SSHD, it can be used to write both a client and a server with java

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You can start here, pick a library and add code to suit your needs.

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given that you're on a system where ssh command is available and ssh keys are set up to avoid entering passwords the easiest would be just

runtime.exec("ssh remote_comp 'say hello world'");
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