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I am loading a properties file with


In this property file I have the following entry:


Further, I do:

@Value("${list.of.stg}")public void setSomeList(...)
{in the method, the parameter has only the value a!!!}

Can you please indicate me a way of reaching the complete values of the

Thank you!

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Try with

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As the the property value is passed in as a String you will have to use String#split but you can combine with Spring EL:

public void setSomeList(List<String> list) {
   this.myList = list;

or simply on the class member variable

private List<String> myList;

As always when using the @PropertySource annotation, don't forget to create a PropertyPlaceholderConfigurer @Bean to load the necessary property file(s).

Related: @Value and ArrayList

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Thank you for the answer - valid indeed. However, the site allows me to 'tick' only one answer. I heve chosen the one given by Jose beucause you already have a looot of points:) sorry!:0 –  Roxana Mar 15 '13 at 15:25

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