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I'm checking Drive for changes using the following code:

    deltaDict = drive_service.changes().list(includeDeleted = True, startChangeId = driveRC.deltaCursor).execute()
    if not str(driveRC.deltaCursor) == str(deltaDict['largestChangeId']):
        print '*** Change Detected ***'
        fileItems = deltaDict['items']
        for item in fileItems:
            isDeleted = item['deleted']
            theFile = item['file']
            fileID = theFile['id']
            fileLabels = theFile['labels']
            fileName = theFile['title'] 
            isTrashed = fileLabels['trashed']

and this was working fine for some time. At the moment however, I'm seeing the error:

    theFile = item['file']
    KeyError: 'file'

but looking at the documentation this looks to me like it should work? Can anyone spot what I'm missing? Thanks in advance for any help.

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According to the documentation, item['file'] is present only if the file has not been deleted, so you can only use it if item['deleted'] is False or at least wrap it in a try/except block.

for item in fileItems:
    isDeleted = item['deleted']
        theFile = item['file']
        # Rest of your code
    except KeyError:
        print "Item deleted"
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Ah I see, missed that, changed it there and that's working fine now. Cheers for the help –  Cian Mar 14 '13 at 18:33
@mrbirl You're welcome, glad it helped. –  A. Rodas Mar 14 '13 at 18:35

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