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How do you add a transform to the Meteor.users Collection?

I've tried: Users = new Meteor.Collection 'users' but this breaks Meteor since the collection already exists.

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I figured out how to hack it at least.

There is a _transform property attached to the Meteor.users collection just like all the other collections.

Just do:

Meteor.users._transform = function(user) { 
  // attach methods, instantiate a user class, etc.
  // return the object

to hook it up! Cool!

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That seems to work, but I think it might lead to trouble later. See Internal Meteor code assumes users are NOT transformed. – Diogenes May 22 '13 at 16:19

Sounds like using _transform could cause issues and it's safer to use a wrapper unfortunately both are a bit hacky.

Source and more details:

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