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I know that D3.js supports loading data files with XHR and JSONP requests.

However in my case, I am going to run .html files by double clicking on them from filesystem, which is going to run it like file://.../foo.html on browser.

Is it possible to load data file (csv or json) within the same directory from computer as foo.html on browser (while not running on http:// but file://)?

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Firefox works fine with local filesystem. IE and Chrome do not, and the other answers have pointed out how to deal with those. –  explunit Mar 14 '13 at 20:02
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You can by disabling the respective security mechanisms in your browser. I think it works in Opera by default, and you can start Chrome with the --allow-file-access-from-files command line flag to allow loading data from file://.

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Thanks, this works for me. –  Kyleinincubator Jul 24 '13 at 0:02
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The best solution would be to run a server on your computer to make it work.

The simplest way to have a local web server, as explained here is to run this command in the directory where you have your source code:

python -m SimpleHTTPServer 8888 &

Then just load the page http://localhost:8888

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your "here" link is broken –  explunit Mar 14 '13 at 20:03
Thank you, fixed. –  Christopher Chiche Mar 14 '13 at 20:17
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