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I started managing my c++ projects with CEDET and made my configuration using Alex's Tutorial "A gentle introduction to CEDET" and almost everything is working properly.

However, although I have semantic-idle-completion-mode active to see the prototypes of my functions, it is not working as expected.

More precisely, when I want to call a polymorphic method or the constructor of a class with several possible constructors, the mini-buffer only shows me one possible definition.

Here is an example, I try to call one among the 3 constructors of the SrmSkeleton class.

void createChainsFromSkel() {

vector effectors = mySkeleton->getEndEffectors();

mySkeleton = new SmrSkeleton(

The only prototype Semantic suggests me is

SmrSkeleton SmrSkeleon (string _name)

However, if a use `M-x semantic-analize-current-context, this is what I get

Context Type: #

Bounds: nil

Function: SmrSkeleton SmrSkeleton (string _name)

      SmrSkeleton SmrSkeleton (SmrModeType _mode,SmrTransformationOrderType _rotOrder,string _name)
     SmrSkeleton SmrSkeleton (const SmrSkeleton& _skel)
      virtual void ~SmrSkeleton (void)

Argument Index: 1

Argument: void

Prefix Classes: 'function 'variable 'type

The 3 existing constructors are listed but not suggested. And when I try to use M-x semantic-ia-complete-symbol emacs stops completely.

I would like to know why CEDET is working like this and if there is something (change my cedet configuration, redefine some variables...) I can do to fix this strange behavior.

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