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I've noticed you can download whole data dumps of DBpedia data, but I'm not sure how to get to it from my PHP application. At the moment, I need to access category information which I am currently doing remotely through URLs like http://dbpedia.org/resource/Category:Cities_in_England, but the site is slow and sometimes offline. Is there any way of hosting DBpedia locally in a similar way? I'm using PHP, is there perhaps a better way of doing this?

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If you can already run remote SPARQL queries from PHP, then if you can host the data on a SPARQL endpoint locally, you can use the same PHP code to query the local endpoint. I don't know of any PHP based SPARQL endpoints (I'm not much of a PHP'er), but the second half of this answer describes how you can set a RDF store using Jena's TDB, and Jena's Fuseki can use that store for a SPARQL endpoint (just by adding a --loc=DIR to the command line; see this answer).

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you can refer to this link for setting up a virtuso triple store Setting up Virtuso Triple store

By starting running virtuso server and adding files to it. You can have the data locally at a local sparql endpoint which you can query with the help of SPARQL.

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