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    cmd.CommandText = " select Item1," & _
                      "Item2, " & _
                      "Item3, " & _
                      "Item4," & _
                      "Item5," & _
                      "Item6" & _
                      " FROM myTable"

    gDR = cmd.ExecuteReader()

    While gDR.Read

        lstpenaltyview = listView.Items.Add(Null_To_String(gDR("Item1")))

    End While

everything looks good except that when I delete some stuff from the table, I still notice the old items in my ListView. I did clear it didn't I ?

Thanks for your help

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These are the things that I'd do:

1) I will attempt to re-populate the listview AFTER deleting stuff. or

2) Try to implement a code like how the guy implemented a databinded listview:

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All I needed was "commit" at the end of my query.

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