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I've built a single page application using Knockout.js, where html nodes get added, moved and destroyed regularly, I've been developing it in Chrome, Firefox and IE 9, but had been planning to add IE8 and IE7 CSS3 support using CSS3 PIE.

Now I've got to the stage where I'm adding PIE and I seem to have hit a problem.

I've applied the behaviour to two divs - one is in the initial HTML source and the other is dynamically added. The initially rendered div has a box shadow and border-radius as desired.

The dynamically added div has no CSS3 styling but does have the border applied with the same CSS selector.

Does CSS3 PIE only run at runtime? Can I trigger it to re-run?

Many Thanks..

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Have you had a look at using the JS version? css3pie.com/documentation/pie-js (If you want my opinion though, don't use CSS3 PIE - it hogs the CPU, and websites don't need to look the same in every browser) – badsyntax Mar 15 '13 at 10:53

In the end I solved this by applying the behaviour to a class - "ie-behaviour" and then adding this class to the elements after they are rendered, not sure why but this seems to trigger CSS3 PIE to apply all of the required styles.

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