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Just a few days ago, the URL directed to a page that listed the Built-In Open Graph Object types that Facebook supports by default, including example usage of each type:

But now it redirects to this page titled "Using Objects":

Unfortunately, that page does not reference the built-in list of supported objects at all. A search on the Facebook Developers site yields an auto-select search phrase of "Built-In Object Types", which also goes to the new page.

What gives?

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I may have discovered the answer to the question. This page:

Now has the following (I don't think it said this before the recent doc update):

og:type - The type of your object, e.g., "movie". See the complete list of supported types.

which links to this page:

which also includes this quote:

Facebook currently supports the following object types.

in the "Object types" section.

This seems to indicate that Facebook has now expanded built-in support for the larger list on that page, rather than the more limited list of nine (9) "Built-In Object Types" on the page that has been removed.

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