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What is the difference between Web farm and Web Garden ?

Please help.

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Okay, I now feel like I need a japanese web garden, complete with web coy fish. – Noon Silk Oct 9 '09 at 5:00
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Web Garden is the web hosting system which comprises of multiple “processes”.
Web Farm is the web hosting system which comprises of multiple “computers”.

Taken from here

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A web farm scales across multiple servers. A web garden scales across multiple processors.

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A web farm is a group of two or more servers used to host the same site. Web farms increase the capacity of a web site, and improve availability by providing fail-over. Web farms are universally used for high-traffic and mission critical web sites.

When an application is hosted by multiple processes on the same server it is said to be a web garden environment.

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from this page:

A web farm is a multi-server scenario. So we may have a server in each state of US
If the load on one server is in excess then the other servers step in to bear the
brunt. How they bear it is based on various models.
1. RoundRobin. (All servers share load equally)
2. NLB (economical)
3. HLB (expensive but can scale up to 8192 servers)
4. Hybrid (of 2 and 3).
5. CLB (Component load balancer).

A web garden is a multi-processor setup. i.e., a single server (not like the 
                       multi server above).
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