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In our project, we want to use a third-party library (A) which is built using autotools and which generates an object file (B) which we need @ link time of one of our libraries (C).

set_source_files_properties(B PROPERTIES DEPEND A)
add_library(C ... A)
add_dependency(C B)

I had the impression that this should do the trick, but the cmake command fails by stating that it cannot find file A during the check for add_library.

Any fixes or alternative solutions would be greatly appreciated! (changing the third-party library is not an option) thanks!

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There are a few issues here:

Apart from those 4 lines it's all OK :-)

So the issue is going to be that you want to include the object file B in the add_library call, but it's not going to be available at configure-time (when CMake is invoked), only at build time.

I think you're going to have to do something like:


    EXTERNAL_OBJECT TRUE  # Identifies this as an object file
    GENERATED TRUE  # Avoids need for file to exist at configure-time

add_library(C ... ${B})
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Thanks a lot, perfect answer! (I did not intend to write effective cmake code, but maybe that would have been clearer ;) ) – Broes De Cat Mar 15 '13 at 7:54

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