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So far I have searched a way to implement a spellchecker for my local language in Microsoft Office: It seems that Microsoft Office uses the Language Packages to provide spell checking for other languages.

Is there an API to implement this Language Packages?

Sorry if this question is repetitive, I have check a previous question about this topic:

This question didn't receive good responses, and I should clarify that I am not looking for Word Add-ins that make the role of a spell-checker.

This company provide a proofreader, a spellchecker included for windows products.

So can you orient me with this issue?

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As of version 2010 of Microsoft Office Word to implement you have to make use of Microsoft's Common Speller API (CSAPI), Check this link for more information.

There is a sample source code here on how to implement a DLL which provides the spell checking service, and a PDF document describing the CSAPI.

It is not that easy to obtain Microsoft's documentation on how to implement a spell checker because you have to submit a proposal of your project here or contact someone at Microsoft Ireland (they are the people in charge of the development and maintenance of the spell checking API), if it is approved they will send you the documentation needed.

I should clarify that the CSAPI only provides the means to develop a spell checker for single words and only using VS C++ (No C# or VB), if you want to develop a Grammar Checker o a Thesaurus you have to ask for other APIs.

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