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file upload code

request.body.file("image").map { ing =>
          val target = new"./uploads/${ing.filename}")
          ing.ref.moveTo(target, true)

How do you connect the ing.filename to the AboutImages "image" object so I can update the databases!

this is the nobel:

object AboutImages {

    val images = { 
        get[Long]("") ~
        get[String]("about_us_images.image") ~
        get[Option[Date]]("about_us_images.created_at") ~
        get[Option[Date]]("about_us_images.updated_at") ~
        get[Option[Int]]("about_us_images.position") ~
        get[String]("") map {
case id~image~created_at~updated_at~position~name => AboutImages (id, image, created_at, updated_at, position, name)

the is the form:

 val details: Form[AboutImages] = Form(
      "id" -> longNumber,
      "image" -> text,
      "created_at" -> optional(date),
      "updated_at" -> optional(date),
      "position" -> optional(number),
      "name" -> nonEmptyText
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Not entirely sure I understand your question — are you having problems accessing the form components other than the file upload?

If so, take a look at the post Play file upload form with additional fields.

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hi the "image" -> text ( get[String]("about_us_images.image") ) is the file name in my database. Just trying to replace "image" with ing.filename from the form file upload. – ScalaBoy Mar 15 '13 at 7:49

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