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I have a repeater wrapped inside a panel (using MVC Asp.net). The scroll bar appears, but my table seems to be wrapping to accomodate the horizontal size of the panel rather than overflowing past the panel.

The scrollbar is showing up, but it doesn't do anything.

<asp:Panel ID="pnlMultipleBeneficiaries" ScrollBars = "Horizontal" style="overflow:scroll" runat=""server" >
<div class="section" >
        <legend class="labels">Added Beneficiaries</legend>

            <asp:Repeater ID="rptMultipleBeneficiaryDetails" runat="server">
                    <table border = 1> 
                        <td class="labels displayInput_noWidth">First Name</td>
                        <td class="labels displayInput_noWidth">Last Name</td>
                        <td class="labels displayInput_noWidth">Status</td>
                        <td class="labels displayInput_noWidth">Birthday</td>
                        <td class="labels displayInput_noWidth">Parent</td>
                        <td class="labels displayInput_noWidth">Street</td>
                        <td class="labels displayInput_noWidth">City</td>
                        <td class="labels displayInput_noWidth">Province</td>
                        <td class="labels displayInput_noWidth">Postcode</td>
                        <td class="labels displayInput_noWidth">Country</td>
                        <td class="labels displayInput_noWidth">Phone Number</td>
                        <td class="labels displayInput_noWidth">HasReplied</td>
                        <td class="labels displayInput_noWidth">Something Else</td>

                        <td><%#DataBinder.Eval(Container.DataItem, "BeneficiaryFirstName")%></td>
                        <td><%#DataBinder.Eval(Container.DataItem, "BeneficiaryLastName")%></td>
                        <td><%#DataBinder.Eval(Container.DataItem, "BeneficiarySin")%></td>
                        <td><%#DateTime.Parse(DataBinder.Eval(Container.DataItem, "BeneficiaryBirthday").ToString()).ToString("MM/dd/yyyy")%></td>
                        <td><%#DataBinder.Eval(Container.DataItem, "Parent")%></td>
                        <td><%#DataBinder.Eval(Container.DataItem, "Street1")%></td>
                        <td><%#DataBinder.Eval(Container.DataItem, "City")%></td>
                        <td><%#DataBinder.Eval(Container.DataItem, "ProvinceAbbreviation")%></td>
                        <td><%#DataBinder.Eval(Container.DataItem, "Postcode")%></td>
                        <td><%#DataBinder.Eval(Container.DataItem, "CountryDescription")%></td>
                        <td><%#DataBinder.Eval(Container.DataItem, "HasReplied")%></td>
                        <td><%#DataBinder.Eval(Container.DataItem, "IsGrantApplicationFormReceived")%></td>

I did try to use style="overflow:auto" in the panel but it doesn't do anything. Help?

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try style="overfllow:scroll" –  Shouvik Mar 14 '13 at 20:28

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You are not setting the width of the panel. So first set the width of the panel and then assign overflow:scroll property to them.

<asp:Panel ID="pnlMultipleBeneficiaries" ScrollBars = "Horizontal" style="overflow:scroll" runat="server" Width="500px">

one more thing you can try that you can fix the width of <div class="section"> and set overflow property in this class


Basically the point is overflow property will work when you are having fix width of the parent and having overflow property with them.

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Great, that worked! –  silvenwolf Mar 14 '13 at 20:47
Ok that makes sense - so then I can set overflow-x and overflow-y in the class? I tried that directly like: style="overflow-y" and it wasn't recognized –  silvenwolf Mar 14 '13 at 20:53
same condition for overflow:y. Just set the height in this class as we have set the width and then write overflow-y:auto. it will work :) –  Sachin Mar 14 '13 at 20:55
Ok... hey, what's the netiquette (or stack overflow standard) for asking related questions? –  silvenwolf Mar 14 '13 at 20:58
you can search them here meta.stackoverflow.com :) –  Sachin Mar 14 '13 at 21:01

Sis, Just change the overflow:auto; to overflow:scroll;

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I have to do that and size the table accordingly in the panel which worked. PS I'm female... –  silvenwolf Mar 15 '13 at 16:32
Oh sorry I'll Change it. –  Thakur Saksham Chauhan Mar 16 '13 at 18:15
lol Thanks Thakur :) –  silvenwolf Mar 19 '13 at 14:21

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