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I have a master div and inside that i am showing multiple divs as a list.My HTML as below

<div id='divMasterContainer' style="height:200px;">
  <div id='child1'>
       // Some child contents here (Radio button / Button etc.. )
  <div id='child2'>
    // Some child contents here (Radio button / Button etc.. )
  <div id='child3'>
    // Some child contents here (Radio button / Button etc.. )

So when rendering in firefox, ,The mastercontainer div is of height 200 px .But in IE , Its growing as of the number of child divs it holds. I am using these div's with jFlow plugin to implement a slider control. I want to mainitain the same height for the master div in both the browsers. and i dont need a scrollbar in the master div too.

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try using overflow:hidden for your mastercontainer – halocursed Oct 9 '09 at 5:50
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You need to make sure the master div has an overflow of 'hidden':

<div id='divMasterContainer' style="height:200px;overflow:hidden;">
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Maybe you could try having this in the style tag:

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