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Is it possible to configure FLVPlayback so that it does not auto-load the associated video file, but instead waits for a click on a "play" button to load and then play it? (I'm building a site that will have a player for a rather large video on its front page, and I'd rather not have the video downloaded unless/until the user asks to see it.) I already have autoplay set to false, but I can still see the video getting downloaded in the progress bar.

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Leave the source of the FLVPlayback blank. Set the source only when the user asks to see the video.

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How could you do this with an HTML5 video hosted on S3? – zero_cool Oct 19 '14 at 4:54

add an invisible button, with a hit area as big as the video:

btnPlay.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, onPlayClick);

function onPlayClick(evt:MouseEvent):void
btnPlay.visible = false;

or something like that. the problem is: the FLVPlayback component shows an animated bar with stripes when there is no content assigned to it. if you don´t want to see that, you could set the "skinAutoHide" property to true. after that, there is only one more problem: the user doesn´t see your player, so you should add a play image in the button. if you click on the button, the button disappears and the video starts loading and playing.

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you can also just delete the stripes in the skin directly, so it does not show up when there is no flv loaded. very easy solution, but very effective :) – luschn Jun 6 '11 at 10:44

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