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I'm looking for some info on setting up DHCP for an iMac client machine.

We're using Microsoft DHCP server 2003 in our environment. For Windows-based desktops and laptops we have each platform assigned a seperate DHCP ClassID so we can provide different lease periods (i.e. 14 days on a desktop and 2 days on a laptop). We were told today that we now need to support iMac desktops and MacBook laptops as well. We would like to setup the same lease periods for these devices plus we would like to assign these devices a different DNS domain based on the option 015 record. I can easily create new classID's for these two device types and configure options records for the new classes but I'm a bit concerned that there may be more to it than this.

Do iMac and MacBook have he capability to have a ClassID set on the adapter so that the classid can be recognized when the client makes a request for a DHCP address? If so how is this done? Please be detailed as I'm never touched a Mac computer before.

If iMac's and MacBooks have the capability to have a ClassID assigned to them, is there anything special that you need to configure in Microsoft 2003 DHCP to treat the iMac ClassID in the same manner as the windows-based ClassID? If so, can you describe what needs to be done?

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You should probably post this on serverfault instead. –  hank Mar 14 '13 at 21:17

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On those Macs, you can use this command to set class ID to obtain special configurations from your Windows DHCP Server.

networksetup -setdhcp "custom_client_id"

Source: Using networksetup

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